The Suction Toothbrush helps remove dental plaque, debris and oral secretions—all known to harbor potential respiratory pathogens.* This unique, combination cleansing and suctioning device connects to standard suction lines. For true single-handed operation, a convenient thumb port delivers easy suction control.


Helps remove dental plaque, debris and oral secretions.


Ultra-soft bristles and soft foam head gently clean teeth and stimulate oral tissue.


Angled handle facilitates easier cleansing in back of the oral cavity.





The Suction Swab helps remove debris and oral secretions between brushings. It connects to standard suction lines for easy cleansing and suctioning. And its user-friendly thumb port provides convenient, single-handed suction control.



User-friendly thumb port provides easy suction control.
Connects to standard suction lines.

Helps remove debris and oral secretions. Soft foam head gently cleans teeth and stimulates oral tissue.


Perox-A-Mint® solution mechanically cleans and debrides with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. No mixing, no mess "burst tubes" moisten swabs with cleansing solution right in the package.


Mouth moisturizer soothes and moisturizes lips and oral tissue.









Schleder B, et al.,J Advocate Health Care. 2002;4( I ):27-30.



Skin Cleansing


Incontinence Care


Oral Hygiene@QCare



Oral Hygiene@Suction System


Oral Hygiene@Oral Swab System




Mediwrap® High Protection Products


Vanishpoint® Syringes


Mediram® Medical Sheepskin


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Guidelines for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia
".. .Develop and implement a comprehensive oral-hygiene program (that might include use of an antiseptic agent) for patients in acute-care settings or residents in long-term—care facilities who are at risk for health-care—associated pneumonia (II).''"



Reducing VAP and Costs
One hospital's comprehensive oral care protocol—featuring Toothette* brand products—reduced VAP by over 60%33 In just two years, another facility's oral care program prevented 25 potential VAP cases and saved the hospital approximately $1.25 million (US).




Single Use Suction Swab System with Perox-A-Mint® Solution

2 Suction Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate
I Burst Tube of Perox-A-Mint® Solution
I 2-Gram Pouch of Mouth Moisturizer

100 systems/case
Reorder #6513-X

Untreated Suction Toothbrush System

I Untreated Suction Toothbrush

100 systems/case
Reorder #6577-X




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